Tuesday, February 10, 2009 

Ouchy,my bum hurts!

Right now I am sitting here with what feels like someone's biro shoved ever so deeply into my left arse cheek.Yes,that is correct quite literally I have a pain in my arse. It is called "Piriformis syndrome", you can read more about it here. So what can I do about this? I can try and run through the pain -which I did last Wednesday and last Sunday,and I can stretch.Stretching is not on of my favourite things to do, but I guess I need to do it!

Thursday, February 05, 2009 

Return of the baldman,take 74

Well, I am back up and running again.Yes, I know it's return number [insert which ever number you want, I chose 74]. So, since I have returned how did I do? Well I have managed to stay upright for a total of 2 runs. Those runs consisted of 4kms and then 4.2km.The 1st 4kms avg'd 5.40 p/km and the 2nd 4.2kmsavg'd 5.33 p/km.Not fast I know, but hey I stayed vertical and the 2nd run was a 7sec p/km improvement on the 1st. Goals for the running year are as follows :

  1. stay upright
  2. SMH half in May 09
  3. Sydney running festival full marathon in Sept 09
I hope to be able to tick all 3 of these goals off.I'll keep you posted! If you fancy following me on twitter then you'll find me at twitter.com/krumpet Oh yeah, I reached my 40th birthday last October too,so I'll be running in the old farts category in the half and full.This isn't necessarily a bad thing most of the people running in this age bracket have taken up running for their midlife crisis,I didn't. Here's to a vertical 09!

Monday, November 10, 2008 


Well, it has been an exceptionally long time since I last posted. I have chosen to start the blog one more time. Another thing I have chosen to do is fall over. Long time readers of the blog will be able to remember the last few times I fell over, except this time it's a beauty take a look they don't build injuries like that too often! So now I have another enforced lay off :( Oh, well at least I will be running again sometime soon. HK

Monday, January 08, 2007 

How Rude!

It has always intrigued me why some runners refuse to look your direction when running past. Today I ran past 4 runners 1 of whom said "g'day" after I gave him a breathless tiny wave of the hand, and another who like me was having a bad time of it managed a tiny breathless wave too. there was however one runner who I passed on 2 seperate occasions who as I approached on both occasions looked at her watch so she didn't have to acknowledge my flat footed existence. You may say "maybe it is true that she wanted to check her hr, and progress" but I (cynically) say bullpoo she is just plain rude or feels that she is too "elite" for the likes of harviekrumpet - she looks the goods in her polar hat, polar hr, and her other branded running gear. Or maybe, just maybe she was scared off by my CR hat, and thought I was just too hardcore for her!!! LOL Anyhow, the foot was good didn't hurt at all.It has however been on again off again with some minor pain over the last 5 days. I am hoping that it is fine tomorrow as I am planning on running to work on Wednesday should the foot feel fine. the run to work will be from a train station on route, so that should the foot give out on the way in or the way home I can still get to the car and drive the remainder.The run in will be a test as it is through undulating streets. I'll keep you updated as to the progress of the foot and whether or not I manage to get to run in to work. Stats: Dist 6.04KM Time 31.54 Avg Pace 5.16 Tot KM for Month 12.02 Tot KM for Year 12.02

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